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The Ticket Fairy
The Ticket Fairy
Full-stack marketing software for large-scale events (YC S15)

Launched in 2011, The Ticket Fairy® is a world-class, next-generation ticketing platform with never before seen marketing, monetization, risk mitigation and event management technologies for the events industry.

Event-goers: discover amazing events around the world and, for the first time ever, bring your friends to lower your ticket price.

Event organizers: get in touch to find out why events like yours are upgrading to the most comprehensive ticketing platform ever built.

The Ticket Fairy is a full-stack marketing and analytics solution that helps events companies to increase revenue through greater reach, more data and lowered operational costs. Running events is a huge risk. Costs can be massive (in the millions of dollars) and multiple factors affect attendance – even something as simple as rain can result in a 25% drop in on-the-door sales.

We are used by large (5,000-30,000+ capacity) events to:

– Increase eCommerce revenue (typically by 15-30%)
– Lower marketing costs
– Increase social reach, to the right people
– Manage and optimise advertising campaigns across multiple channels, including automating audience targeting
– Reduce/eliminate ticket resale fraud/scalping
– Automate day-to-day business operations
– Gain insights into customer demographics & brand engagement via social profile analytics
– Improve future events via data collected from previous attendees and campaigns

The Team

Ritesh Patel


Jigar Patel

Founder & COO

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