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In response to Australia’s growing startup culture, we decided to bring the country’s most talked about emerging companies together under one roof.

Vest is the place to discover and celebrate the best of Australia’s forward-thinking ideas. With the government’s renewed focus on innovation, it’s time to highlight the startups that are putting us on the map, making us leaders in our fields, and driving both economical and cultural growth.

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Featured Founder


Shoes of Prey Founder & CCO

Shoes of Prey – the online retailer allowing shoppers to design their own shoes, began from Jodie Fox’s hunt for the perfect pair of heels. With a background in law, Fox has raised more than $20M in funding, expanded her company to the US and reduced the number of women heading home with uncomfortable heels in hand.

What is Shoes of Prey?
Women express their style by designing their own shoes with us at shoesofprey.com.

How did you get the idea?
I was solving a problem of my own – I couldn’t find shoes that I loved, so I found a way to design my very own.

What’s the biggest win you’ve had so far?
Raising $24.6M USD and being on track to build the dream – to make on-demand, made-to-order manufacturing the norm in fashion, and see Shoes of Prey become a go-to brand for beautiful shoes.

My biggest mistake is that I didn’t back myself enough.

What’s was your biggest mistake?
Not backing myself enough.

How’s your experience been funding your startup?
We started out bootstrapping and have since taken funding from a syndicate of investors.

What needs to improve/change for Australia to become a global leader in innovation and tech?
More reasonable infrastructure for building startups that are naturally more fluid than traditional businesses. There have been some great steps towards this infrastructure – for example, tax on equity granted to employees, but we should be looking for as much as we can reasonably do in this space.

Invest in the operations that customers will never see.

Do you have any tips for acquiring new users and/or scaling your business?
It’s an ongoing balancing act between acquiring, improving lifetime value and investing in the operations that customers will never see.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?
Starting another fashion tech business.

Be more greedy.

If you could go back to the start, tell us two things you would do differently.
Be more confident in my decisions and be a bit more greedy. 😉

What’s the best advice you could give to someone starting out?
Just start taking action. Do everything before you’re ready.

Word to
the wise

Must Use

iPhone 6+.

Must Read

The Power of Now. Amazingly practical guide to living a more present life, which was a total game-changer for my clarity and stress levels. Can get a bit religious in parts but if you look past that, the theory and application is awesome.

Must Visit

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam. The largest cave in the world, discovered only 20 years ago. An absolutely life-changing experience.

Must Watch

Shameless plug but my YouTube channel. I hear there’s some great business advice on there.