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Vest is the place to discover and celebrate the best of Australia’s forward-thinking ideas. With the government’s renewed focus on innovation, it’s time to highlight the startups that are putting us on the map, making us leaders in our fields, and driving both economical and cultural growth.

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Marketech Focus
Marketech Focus
Founded 2016
Aug 10, 2019
Helping traders Focus on what's important.

Marketech Focus is the latest trading platform for the retail share investor. We have combined your computer trading platform with your charting package and made it easy to use, easy to trade and easy to customise – and then put it all on your mobile phone! It’s still packed with high level features, but you won’t need an instruction manual. Various data options to cater for different users, with ultra-low brokerage rates to boot.

The Team

Travis Clark


Jared Lawrence



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